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5:17pm 01-10-2015
Hi Sophie! Why your temperate forest reskin hasn't got download button? Can you correct this?
Replied on: 5:58pm 17-10-2015

Because I never finished it

11:21pm 30-09-2015
I like your new design of the website. Simple but great improvement.
Love to see you're back again
1:35am 24-09-2015
Will the restrooms be functional? I noticed the guests were walking in there and wasn't sure if they were doing that on purpose or not.
Replied on: 4:24pm 24-09-2015

Yeah they will. Though the doors do not open, so the guests walk through the door. Obviously, only one guest can use it at a time, so you'd want to build more than one. There's one for men and one for women by the way.

2:42am 23-09-2015
The queen is back =D
9:14am 21-09-2015
hi zeta team,are you guys still hiring?im really interesting to become a designer just like your team,and i really love your design.
Replied on: 4:25pm 24-09-2015

Hi. Zeta-Designs isn't even a team . It's just me, Sophie, and Zeta-Designs is my website & production name.

7:55pm 19-09-2015
Hi, just wanted to say that I love your designs and am so grateful for your elevated path curb hack! Absolute life saver, that one is.
4:14pm 18-09-2015
Welcome back! I can't wait for restaurant pack deluxe, and white brick building set
Replied on: 4:25pm 24-09-2015

Thanks. The restaurant pack is on the release list . Though I have to finish it first.

11:27pm 04-09-2015
Yesssss ur back! Can't wait for your new releases!
11:24pm 04-09-2015
Hi I was wondering if you are going to make realistic bathroom stalls download? I can't find any and since your one of the best I was wondering if you would?
Replied on: 9:22pm 12-09-2015

I already have, before I took a break xD. It's very high on my I-want-to-release-list:

10:31pm 04-09-2015
Jason (AnimalGenius)
ARE YOU GUYS BACK DESIGNING? I noticed you released the gift shop pack? I really want the Taronga Building Set and Vivariums pack!!!
2:54pm 04-09-2015
Soooo happy you are back!
4:27pm 02-09-2015
YES!!! you're back!!!!!
7:41pm 01-09-2015
Thanks for all of your hard work...your mods are wonderful!
11:21am 01-09-2015

You are my most favourite Zt2 modder ever, thank you SO MUCH for coming back!
10:21am 31-08-2015
Welcome back!
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