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5:09am 31-08-2015
welcome back !!!nice work !!!
3:30am 30-08-2015
So, so happy you're back! I just recently found my ZT2 discs and I've started playing again - I love all of your designs and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!
7:04pm 29-08-2015
So glad your back! I just started playing again a few days ago too, and your downloads are amazing!
3:05pm 29-08-2015
You're awesome! Your mods are amazing! But why don't you release temperate forest reskin?
2:05pm 28-08-2015
So happy your back designing!

Nice that Zoo Duisburg gave you inspiration, I worked there this year!
2:01pm 28-08-2015
Hey, really loving what you've done. I genuinely do appreciate your work, thank you for your effort.
1:11pm 28-08-2015
[FONT=georgia][COLOR=#99ccff][B]Hey everyone,

I'm finally back after a hiatus of a year and a half. Stay tuned, I will do my best to release some more stuff in September!

1:28pm 08-08-2015
Thankyou so much for these downloads !!! I really hope you come back and do more as you are amazing, please please continue and finish your projects !! xo
7:34pm 16-07-2015
I just found your site and I'm going to re-install this game so I can try your mods. My daughter and I have always loved ZT2. I don't know how to program, but I run Pro Engineer for solids and surfacing of product designs. I can export Step or Iges configurations. If you think I could help with any surface creation, please let me know, I'd like to volunteer!
1:10am 16-07-2015
thank you for your downloads. i hope you do come back one day.
5:37pm 04-07-2015
And please, can you find ,,Cretaceous calamite pack''? :-)
5:36pm 04-07-2015
Please, can you do downloads of full mod (like a Marine Mania, African Adventure...)? It will helps me a lot ) (sorry for bad english...).
10:53am 03-07-2015
Thanks Zeta, now i can build Jurassic park!
12:49am 29-06-2015
I wish more people like you guys still played ZT2! It is so fun to play a game with content like yours.
3:47pm 04-06-2015
Kan er een specifieke reden zijn waarom de game crasht als ik mods gebruik in de game? ik heb het met meerdere mods en hij doet het alleen in bepaalde punten, bijvoorbeeld als ik het "fences" menu open met één van jullie buildingmods aan. ze zien er overigens wel mooi uit.
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