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10:31pm 04-09-2015
Jason (AnimalGenius)
ARE YOU GUYS BACK DESIGNING? I noticed you released the gift shop pack? I really want the Taronga Building Set and Vivariums pack!!!
2:54pm 04-09-2015
Soooo happy you are back!
4:27pm 02-09-2015
YES!!! you're back!!!!!
7:41pm 01-09-2015
Thanks for all of your hard work...your mods are wonderful!
11:21am 01-09-2015

You are my most favourite Zt2 modder ever, thank you SO MUCH for coming back!
10:21am 31-08-2015
Welcome back!
5:09am 31-08-2015
triple h
welcome back !!!nice work !!!
3:30am 30-08-2015
So, so happy you're back! I just recently found my ZT2 discs and I've started playing again - I love all of your designs and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!
7:04pm 29-08-2015
So glad your back! I just started playing again a few days ago too, and your downloads are amazing!
3:05pm 29-08-2015
You're awesome! Your mods are amazing! But why don't you release temperate forest reskin?
2:05pm 28-08-2015
So happy your back designing!

Nice that Zoo Duisburg gave you inspiration, I worked there this year!
2:01pm 28-08-2015
Hey, really loving what you've done. I genuinely do appreciate your work, thank you for your effort.
1:11pm 28-08-2015
[FONT=georgia][COLOR=#99ccff][B]Hey everyone,

I'm finally back after a hiatus of a year and a half. Stay tuned, I will do my best to release some more stuff in September!

1:28pm 08-08-2015
Lois Rimmer
Thankyou so much for these downloads !!! I really hope you come back and do more as you are amazing, please please continue and finish your projects !! xo
7:34pm 16-07-2015
Steve Casteel
I just found your site and I'm going to re-install this game so I can try your mods. My daughter and I have always loved ZT2. I don't know how to program, but I run Pro Engineer for solids and surfacing of product designs. I can export Step or Iges configurations. If you think I could help with any surface creation, please let me know, I'd like to volunteer!
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