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6:53am 09-10-2020
I hope you're doing well!
6:12am 14-09-2020
:v Hi
12:48am 20-07-2020
Connor Craig
9:05am 15-07-2020
Hi I love all your stuff and you made the game way better. I have one question I’m looking for the Sign Posts and can’t seem to find them. Thanks
3:32pm 09-07-2020
Thank you so much for all of these creations! This game wouldn't be the same without your wonderful creations!
4:25am 28-06-2020
Thank you for all of your fantastic downloads. I just wanted to let you know that your "Large Chainlink Aviary" says it was blocked by the website you use for hosting it. When I click on the link you provided it gives MediaFire gives the following message.

"File Download Blocked

The file you attempted to download has been claimed by Google to be in violation of their terms of service and cannot be downloaded.
7:49am 01-05-2020
Thank you for all your hard work!
1:58am 24-04-2020

I recently came across some downloads made by a "Sophie". The full list includes the following:

- Chinese White Dolphin
- Commerson's Dolphin
- Finless Porpoise
- Fjord Horse
- Greater Kudu
- Harbour Seal
- Panther Chameleon
- Red Lynx (Bobcat)
- Swamp Wallaby

If these were made by you. I would like to ask about hosting these on The Round Table. Please e-mail me so I can send you the files to verify.

- Mjmannella
4:17pm 10-04-2020
Bruno Waronig
Hello! Admiring your work since I was a kid playing this game! Then after I grew up I was all into building some nicer things using all your sets and downloading tons of things out of different sites and so on...
Now I accidently saw a new game called ''planet zoo'' and I'm wondering is it really like advanced zoo tycoon 2 with much more advantages to us focused on building instead of kids who want to just play the game and look at the animals and guests.... oooor it is just more ''animated'' version suitable for those kids I mentioned.
What do you think about all that? Can you somehow give us an answer since I see one more comment related to this new game?

Cheers, Bruno
6:13pm 30-03-2020
Hi, thanks for such nice items. I just wanted to warn that the link for the large chainlink aviary doesn't work.
5:53am 27-03-2020
These are all fantastic! Thanks so much for keeping these all up and easy to download.
10:41pm 24-01-2020
Thank you for ur work from Hungary xxx
3:51pm 14-12-2019
Hi Sophie,

Love your work in ZT2, any chance you’ll start designing in planet zoo?
10:13pm 20-11-2019
I've played ZT1 and ZT2 for as long as I can remember. I am 20 now and they have always been my favourite games ever. I don't play very often anymore, but it makes me SO happy to see active sites like this. I must have been downloading your mods since I was around 12 years old and I am so glad that you are still making them every now and then! Thank you guys for making my childhood games even more fun!
1:11pm 20-11-2019
help who knows how to plan at the zoo tycoon 2
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