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5:23am 29-01-2017
Hello I have problems when I want to use the content that I downloaded , when I try to use it, the game stop working and close from the nowhere , can you tell me why this happens ? :c
Replied on: 7:02pm 29-01-2017

Ask here:

8:14pm 28-01-2017
I love your downloads! I was wondering if you could do a YT video on how to make counters with the medical or gift shop packs? Thanks.
Replied on: 7:03pm 29-01-2017

Uhh I don't see why . The counters are one object so what's there to teach in placing them?

6:08pm 28-01-2017
Thank you so much for all of your releases. You creations got me back into the game after years of disinterest, especially after I saw the zoos you made on your old site. Your creations are incredibly useful, beautiful, and functional. Thank you for releasing them for others to use!
Replied on: 3:42pm 10-02-2017

You're welcome. Thanks for your message.

2:20am 28-01-2017
Replied on: 3:41pm 10-02-2017

You're welcome.

8:23pm 27-01-2017
I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts and for sharing your talents with us!
I enjoy playing ZT2 and your mods are hands down my favorite
Life's throwing me some interesting challenges right now and one of the things that's helping me relaxing is just sitting down, bringing up one of your building sets, and see what I can create (even if it's just in my head because I can't build at that time)...especially as you are working on releasing new items. Thank you SO much for helping brighten my day!!!
Replied on: 3:41pm 10-02-2017

Thanks for your kind words!

6:44pm 27-01-2017
Got an idea, hope this would be useful
Since chainlink & glass elevated paths don't merge with normal ones, a railing can be placed between them... this allows creating rooms & vivariums directly on elevated paths - a milestone in zoo building!!!

Please take a look (the chainlink texture here is replaced by non-transparent):

The needed entities are pre-placed and then normal path is changed to glass or chainlink (since nothing can be placed on those paths directly - is this coding somewhat linked with non-merging?).
Of course there are 'holes' from the underside:
If normal 'thick' elevated path is coded like this, it would function just like normal floor.

Using Snowleo's 'borderless' grey & white paths, it's possible to 'step' from it to glass/chainlink path, still being able to set railings where needed.

Railings cannot be placed if chainlnk&glass path's edge meets nothing. In this situation, a building entity in the shape of fence unit would help to finish the outer wall.

And ultimately, just the same building-fence unit can function on normal path as a fence on the ground, if given proper collision coding.
12:30am 27-01-2017
I understand that you have moved on from your older projects but have you ever gone back to fix any issues with some of your older ones especially the good ones?
Replied on: 11:12am 27-01-2017

Such as? I don't mind fixing some of the older downloads, but then I'll have to know what there is too fix .

11:42pm 26-01-2017
Your work is amazing!
Replied on: 11:12am 27-01-2017


10:25pm 24-01-2017
Your downloads are the best!!!!!!!! Keep up your awesome work! PLEASE
Replied on: 9:33pm 26-01-2017

Thank you! I'll try!

3:05pm 22-01-2017
I love your work !! Restaurant pack and aviaries are very ice
I'm really waiting for the Taronga building set ! It will be amazing !!!!! Maybe a release date ?
Replied on: 9:33pm 26-01-2017


5:02am 21-01-2017
when can we get "Obsessional Ocean - Part 4 (Tropical)" i am eagerly waiting for it
Replied on: 3:03pm 22-01-2017

Obsessional Ocean was abandoned YEARS ago. Those downloads are not up to the standards (= they suck ), so they'll never be released .

6:15pm 18-01-2017
What foliage pack you used for those zoo entrances?
Replied on: 3:03pm 22-01-2017

I have no clue.. I have quite a lot of trees that look similar but I don't know where I got them.

5:52pm 18-01-2017
Hi, I wanted to thank you for your work.
And I was hoping you have a release date of the Taronga Zoo Building Pack Project?

4:16pm 18-01-2017
I think your work is awesome and adds a lot to the game, I could not play without your packs
Thank you very much for it.
3:19pm 18-01-2017
Robbe De Moor
What programm do u use to make and create all the exhibits?
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