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6:15pm 18-01-2017
What foliage pack you used for those zoo entrances?
Replied on: 3:03pm 22-01-2017

I have no clue.. I have quite a lot of trees that look similar but I don't know where I got them.

5:52pm 18-01-2017
Hi, I wanted to thank you for your work.
And I was hoping you have a release date of the Taronga Zoo Building Pack Project?

4:16pm 18-01-2017
I think your work is awesome and adds a lot to the game, I could not play without your packs
Thank you very much for it.
3:19pm 18-01-2017
Robbe De Moor
What programm do u use to make and create all the exhibits?
10:08pm 16-01-2017
Sophie, is it possible to create a hack that stops the elevation height limitation? I would like to create some mountains, though they're cut pretty short by the game.
7:14pm 16-01-2017
Hi Sophie. I wonder if you are going to finish the jurassic park stuff (the concrete fences etc.) I know you don't have that much time. I love your downloads. My first download were the concrete dinosaur fences. It would be cool if you could make al that jurassic park things because all of your downloads are awesome!! And I really look forward to the release of the food counters. (ps. Ik ben nederlands maar ik doe het even in het engels zodat iedereen het verstaat). Jeroen
7:21pm 13-01-2017
Ik had eigenlijk nog een vraag, maar hoe ver ben je eigenlijk met The Taronga building set? Ik snap dat je niet altijd veel tijd hebt. Maar ik kan echt niet wachten totdat hij uitkomt
4:45pm 12-01-2017
is de light woorden building set niet light wooden building set? (staat bij projects)
Replied on: 7:10pm 13-01-2017

Jazeker, dankje

8:05pm 31-12-2016
You said you feel like there aren't so many who still play this game ... Yeah, not so much as maybe a few years ago, but many are still there or even new (like me) - and it's really sad that nearly all good designers are inactive / have stopped playing this game/designing and all these sites are disappearing...
Replied on: 2:45pm 11-01-2017

I just got back into the community and it seems that the community isn't very active anymore, but there are still lots of players waiting for new downloads and luckily there are some designers left. You can register @ to find them.

11:15am 28-12-2016
Hello Sophie! I'm glad to see, that you're finnaly back! I have one request: Please, I really really really need the Taronga Building Set, I'm waiting for it for a months now, and please don't make me disapointed xD.
[*] Can you release too this houseplants that you use to build Woodland Zoo Park entrance on YouTube?

Have a nice day
6:15pm 27-12-2016
ronald otten
hi Sophie! I really hope you can release the taronga building set, i love it and great to hear again about you
5:21am 26-12-2016

You forgot the Jurassic Park gate.
9:19am 23-12-2016
Will you be adding the new downloads that you released on the site that was removed here? I mean the new Jurassic Park ones, the path pack, and the beige building set.
Replied on: 5:40pm 23-12-2016

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I added them to the website.

7:46am 24-11-2016
Thomas Kue
Hello! I have been enjoying much of the content you created. However, I recently downloaded the "Brick," "Red," and "Cobblestone," building sets and I have run into a bug. The walls themselves work perfectly fine. However, the panels that are included in the "Buildings" tab do not appear when I place them. The game registers that they are there, as I can still place them, but they are not visible, whatsoever. I downloaded the "White Plaster" building set and everything, panels included, work fine. If you have any advice on what to do or what may be causing the problem, please let me know. Big fan; keep up the great work!
Replied on: 7:25pm 27-11-2016

Place them on elevated paths They will appear below the path level.

11:41pm 04-11-2016
Diego Zea
Hi!!!! How are you? Nice to meet you. I want to tell you that have downloaded a lot of fences but i cant reach them in my zoo I downloaded the WinZip thing but i still cant use it. Can you tell me like step by step how to do it? I'm a fan of your work, i love your designs and i love the game. Thanks

Meets - Diego Zea
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