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9:19am 23-12-2016
Will you be adding the new downloads that you released on the site that was removed here? I mean the new Jurassic Park ones, the path pack, and the beige building set.
Replied on: 5:40pm 23-12-2016

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I added them to the website.

7:46am 24-11-2016
Thomas Kue
Hello! I have been enjoying much of the content you created. However, I recently downloaded the "Brick," "Red," and "Cobblestone," building sets and I have run into a bug. The walls themselves work perfectly fine. However, the panels that are included in the "Buildings" tab do not appear when I place them. The game registers that they are there, as I can still place them, but they are not visible, whatsoever. I downloaded the "White Plaster" building set and everything, panels included, work fine. If you have any advice on what to do or what may be causing the problem, please let me know. Big fan; keep up the great work!
Replied on: 7:25pm 27-11-2016

Place them on elevated paths They will appear below the path level.

11:41pm 04-11-2016
Diego Zea
Hi!!!! How are you? Nice to meet you. I want to tell you that have downloaded a lot of fences but i cant reach them in my zoo I downloaded the WinZip thing but i still cant use it. Can you tell me like step by step how to do it? I'm a fan of your work, i love your designs and i love the game. Thanks

Meets - Diego Zea
11:55pm 01-11-2016
Thank you so much for making new downloads! I just discovered Zoo Tycoon 2 last year, and I am absolutely addicted. It's sad to see how many download sites have closed. I hope you are around for a lot longer to come! I particularly love your building sets such as the walls. Thanks so much!
3:05pm 01-11-2016
Hi Sophie and Ruben, I love your downloads and I have been downloading them since you started. I did not play zoo tycoon 2 for a long time and it is great to see the progress in your download. That is all haha

Greetings, Karen
7:19pm 18-10-2016
Hi (Sophie), I love your work and i have a question
Could you realese the taronga Building set?
Could you please contact me if you have Time?
Allready thanks!
9:58pm 30-09-2016
You guys are amazing! Looking forward to whatever else you guys have planed!
1:38am 16-09-2016
Hi, do you guys still have the placeable doors? I can't find doors ANYWHERE!!!

Also, do you know where to get any of Hendrix's stuff? It seems to have all disappeared!

10:59pm 06-09-2016
i am the break of the universe
5:37pm 19-08-2016
I have been getting a lot of request of making a file with all my downloads inside it. So what I'm asking is, would I get your permission to have the Zeta designs files inside my pack. I will of coarse give you credit for your amazing work
8:05pm 17-08-2016
For some reason, my humpback whales get the killer whale skin when they are sick. Is it a bug, or was it supposed to be like this?
8:10am 01-08-2016
Hey! Your work is amazing! Just wanted to know what variant you have for your mustangs and if there is a way I could download it from somewhere? In the downloads/horse area of your site you have a download for white dressage markers. In the photo is a very nice looking horse that I haven't seen in the variants that I have. Is there a way for me to find/download that variant or set of variants?
8:09pm 26-07-2016
Ritadj Nakib
1:42am 24-07-2016
if it helps in any way you can find an old cache of the site with the "Wayback Machine". Helped me find some files that aren't there anymore.
3:39am 18-07-2016
I'm so sorry that your old site is gone! I hope you can fix it!! Whenever I play ZT2 and use your alpine biome it makes me very happy because it's very pretty! I am also curious, why do you have to put glass elevated paths down twice for it to show up? Thanks for making all of these downloads!!!
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