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2:00pm 10-07-2016
Hi sophie! I'm very impressed because your zoo.
So I'm so sad that your site is gone... I want to see your zoo photography.
Could you show me your zoo? I really want to see them again.
Thanks a lot ! Have a good day
9:18pm 27-06-2016
As long until the building set taronga and restaurant are ready I wait for years now ????? please please nooooww him out.
Answer me as soon as possible either by mail or here.
My twitter is @pj_garcia_YT or @kpateamoficial please write me out there.
10:16am 25-06-2016
Great and realistic objects! Love these! Thank you!
8:08pm 24-06-2016
You are one of the best in this their BuildingSets are amazing that and everything you currently do not play ZooTycoon2 I 'm suffering for it and I admire very much keep working on inactive projects is that going to be amazing .
PS: In the package "Beige building set" there are objects that do not appear as barrels and ceilings sticks , I would like it to work perfect, please review it .
PD2 : And also in some other BuildingSet not leave some objects , I could not tell you exactly which but a few.
PD3 : Please do a couple of tutorials on their youtube channel and build correctly with objects that have created because there are things that are difficult to make and would like to capitalize 100% of what you offer , PLEASE TUTORIALS HOW TO MAKE USE OF THINGS .
8:17pm 17-06-2016
so happy you're back! Love your downloads, you are the best creator!
9:06pm 02-06-2016
Beautiful downloads as always!
12:03pm 02-06-2016
Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your creations!
Unfortuneatly I have a problem that I hope you maybe can help me with.
I have downloaded a lot of your things which work perfectly in my game. But for some reason, all of the tank walls I have downloaded from your site, will only work/show up in sandbox-mode. I have tried removing all other downloads and only keep one tank wall download, but it still only works in sandbox-mode. In challenge mode I have 3 stars in my zoo, so that's not the problem (i think?)
I have had your tank walls before, but I had to re-install zoo tycoon, and lost most of my downloads, so I downloaded them from your website a couple of days ago.
I hope you might know what I can do? :-)
Replied on: 5:38pm 02-06-2016

Open the .z2f file and search the .XML of the tank wall and open it.

Change f_FameReq="0" into f_FameReq="10"

and remove s_GameLock="marinetanklock" from that line.

I hope this works .
If you don't understand, please visit and ask there .

8:55pm 27-05-2016
First of all, I really love your stuff. I've been downloading it since I first found it. However, with the Beige Building set, how to do you get wooden accents on the top of the buildings and things like that? I am looking for them in game and I cannot find them. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but I really love your content.
Replied on: 8:52pm 31-05-2016

They're not included. It's just a plain building set. The wooden decoration thingies I made myself xD.

5:52am 26-05-2016
Hello traslate this.
Ustedes son unos de los mejores en esto sus BuildingSets son increíble eso y todo lo que hacen actualmente no puedo jugar al ZooTycoon2 y estoy sufriendo por ello los admiro muchísimo sigan trabajando en los proyectos inactivos que se ve que van a ser increibles.
PD: En el paquete de "Beige building set" hay objetos que no aparecen como los barriles y los techos de palos, me gustaría que funcionase perfecto, revísenlo por favor.
PD2: Y también en algunos otros BuildingSet no salen algunos objetos, no sabría deciros exactamente en cuales pero en algunos.
PD3: Por Favor hagan un par de tutorials en su canal de youtube de como construir correctamente con los objetos que han creado ya que hay cosas que son difíciles de hacer y me gustaría sacar provecho al 100% de todo lo que ustedes ofrecen, POR FAVOR HAGAN TUTORIALS DE COMO USAR LAS COSAS.
3:26pm 22-05-2016
Dr No xD
Inactive projects (restaurant pack deluxe and marine center interior) links aren't working.
12:59am 18-05-2016
Yo! So Sophie it's great to see you designing again! I'll admit it was quite a bit of a shock to visit and see actual new things! (not to mention a new site) Anyway wishing you all the best and may you always be satisfied!
Replied on: 11:14am 19-05-2016


10:48pm 17-05-2016
P.S. Keep up your great work beacuse you're really good in this!
10:43pm 17-05-2016
Hi Sophie!
I was playing ZT2 seven years ago, when I was younger. I didn't know there are downloads for this game. I was looking for them and first site I founded was your Zeta-Designs. You weren't then active. That was maybe one year ago. You was active again in September, and you're back now. I'am so happy that you're designing new downloads for this game. Good luck and enjoy it! I have many questions for you and please, can you answer for at least two:
In which download house plants (that from Woodland Zoo Park entrance) will be available to download?
What path you used to make floor to offices in Woodland
Zoo Park entrance?
Will Taronga Building Set be released in May?
Will be White Brick Building Set released one day?
Can you make Temperate Forest Biome reskin that looks like that old one?
Where can I download a wooden fence with two ropes that you used among others in Cetacean Rescue Centre?
What bamboo you used in Cetacean Rescue Centre?
What download you use to make Zoo Negara entrance?
Where can I download bin you showed in video: Zeta Designs 2014?
How to make my own downloads?

I think this is two much for you, and i understand that you have job, and you spend many ours to create downloads for ZT2 and sometimes you haven't got time for answers on guestbook.

...and sorry for bad English xD
Replied on: 11:14am 19-05-2016

Surely you can understand I'm not going to answer all those questions. If you want to find more downloads or have questions about the game, you can visit

Most of the items you don't recognize, are my own and aren't released yet, including the plant pots and the items used on Negara Zoo.

8:25am 16-05-2016
Hey Sophie..all the way from Malaysia here..just wanted to say how much i appreciate your work ...its surreal...and one of the main reasons i still play Zt2...And just wanted to thank you for portraying my national zoo so well (zoo negara) in your earlier projects!
Replied on: 11:14am 19-05-2016

Thanks! I worked on the Zoo Negara entrance just last week again. I added it to the Zoo section of the site again .

12:30pm 14-05-2016
I love you and your works <3
Replied on: 4:23pm 15-05-2016

Thanks XD

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