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9:44am 18-11-2015
I just wanted to drop by and tell you that your work is the absolute best. I come here for my scenery and designs and I'm looking forward to seeing the entirety of Zoo Tycoon 2 revamped by both you and Aurora Designs. You guys are the best. Please keep up the work. I know I appreciate your work so much and everything you do.
6:56am 12-11-2015
Hey, I really appreciate your work, and I consider your work, paired with Aurora Design's work, to be essential to all zoo tycoons. Aurora Designs is required for the animals, and you're required for the scenery and buildings. I see you guys kinda like one group, even though I know you're not affiliated with each other. You're both very talented. When I heard you had stopped working for a while, I was real sad, because I was really looking forward to that restaurant pack, since I always found it annoying that I make a perfect realistic-looking zoo, and then I make a restaurant, and everything is thrown out of balance by the cartoony shop designs. It's one of the main reasons I almost never put windows on my restaurants. -.-

My ranting aside, I saw your pack as a huge solution to that problem. I've dabbled in designing myself, although I didn't get too far, and I was disappointed to find that stalls and all the other buildings I need to change to make an efficient restaurant in the future, were the most difficult to design, with very few tutorials. I quickly made that goal much more long-term, and for a while I kept working at improving my skills, but I soon realized that I just didn't want to dedicate years to learning something like this. As much as I enjoyed modding, I didn't have [I]that[/I] much of a passion for it. But I really respect people, like you, who do. I literally jumped up and down like a 5 year old when I found out you had rejoined the modding community. I was so excited, and to be honest, I still am!

The point of this message, really, is not only to tell you just how much I appreciate and admire your work, but also to tell you that I'd love it if you took your time with the restaurant pack. I'm expecting something great out of that pack, and I really don't want to be let down. I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but I just want to let you know that you're not only my idol as a mod designer, but also as a person in and of itself. That being said, I don't know a lot about you, but I wouldn't mind changing that. That's the 3rd reason I've contacted you. I've been considering getting back into modding, but I'd appreciate a mentor. And while I can perfectly understand if you're too busy to handle that, but hopefully we can at least be friends?

I'd appreciate it if you contact me at my email with your response, since I am not likely to check this guestbook again. I have a rather annoying tendency to forget things that I've been planning to do, and if I write it down, I lose the paper. I type it up, I lose the file. There's no beating it! XD In case for some reason it didn't show up with my email on the guestbook itself, my email is

Also, a less likely way to contact me, but possible none the less, is my TRT account. Unfortunately, I lost the account password with my projects on it, along with access to the email it was attached to, so I was forced to make a new account. My new account is known as 'Freedom Fighter.' If you need clarification that it's me, it says on my profile that my favorite animal is the timber wolf, and my birthday is May 23. Just being extra cautious here.

I understand if you are unable to contact me due to your own busyness, which is why I'm not going to set a deadline for you to contact me. You could contact me 30 years from now and while the likelihood that I'd remember contacting you are rather slim, the chances that I'd remember who you are are much greater. 75%, I'd say?

Enough of my rambling, however. I'm desperately trying to stay on topic, I promise.

Just for the sake of not trying to say goodbye elegantly and ending up going on another aimless ramble, I'll just say one simple word and be on my merry way...

2:44pm 04-11-2015
Thank you for making such brilliant mods! I sincerely hope you'll eventually release the deluxe restaurant pack, it looks brilliant!
11:24pm 26-10-2015
Hi! I just want you to know that all of your downloads are AWESOME!!!! I use them so much - they have made my ZT2 life SOOO much easier. Thank you! Your work is appreciated!
10:21am 25-10-2015
You are great person. You spend so much of your free time to do this. I just want to tell you that you doing the best projects and i hope you are proud of yourself.
7:13pm 21-10-2015
Ohh i hoped your still active, but um i got a question but i dont like to ask it in this guestbook, could you send me a mail on ? Would really love it!
Xoxo Eva
8:30pm 14-10-2015
Hi, I downloaded some of your things but I can't figure out how to get them on my game?
Replied on: 5:57pm 17-10-2015

5:11pm 11-10-2015
Hi Sophie! are you still active?
Xoxo Eva
Replied on: 5:57pm 17-10-2015

A little bit

3:23am 03-10-2015
Also one more thing, can you make enrichment items like live food cows or goats and themed buildings like restaurants too please. Oh another thing can make rides like the monorail or the gyosphere. Sorry if this is too much
Replied on: 5:57pm 17-10-2015

Definitely too much

3:14am 03-10-2015
I absolutely love your work and can you make dinosaurs that were in the Jurassic park series like the T. rex, Induminus rex,velociraptor,and others please. Beacuse you have such a gift and your art is amazing,so I believe you can make beautiful and scary dinosaurs that just look like the ones in the series.
Replied on: 5:58pm 17-10-2015

I don't make animals. Other designers already made tons of awesome animals.

5:17pm 01-10-2015
Hi Sophie! Why your temperate forest reskin hasn't got download button? Can you correct this?
Replied on: 5:58pm 17-10-2015

Because I never finished it

11:21pm 30-09-2015
I like your new design of the website. Simple but great improvement.
Love to see you're back again
1:35am 24-09-2015
Will the restrooms be functional? I noticed the guests were walking in there and wasn't sure if they were doing that on purpose or not.
Replied on: 4:24pm 24-09-2015

Yeah they will. Though the doors do not open, so the guests walk through the door. Obviously, only one guest can use it at a time, so you'd want to build more than one. There's one for men and one for women by the way.

2:42am 23-09-2015
The queen is back =D
9:14am 21-09-2015
triple h
hi zeta team,are you guys still hiring?im really interesting to become a designer just like your team,and i really love your design.
Replied on: 4:25pm 24-09-2015

Hi. Zeta-Designs isn't even a team . It's just me, Sophie, and Zeta-Designs is my website & production name.

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