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3:05pm 16-01-2016
Thank you Sophie! I, too, am recently returning to zt2. Your site was one of the first ones I visited to re-download my favorite mods! I particularly love your fences and building sets. Please keep up the great work!
11:20pm 12-01-2016
[FONT=georgia]Hi Sophie! Great to see you back. I also have just returned to ZT2 and am reloading all of my favorite mods and I think you are my favorite aside from Aurora. I really hope you can finish the Vivariums I would love to get those done as they are part of the zoos that I want to create. Thank you for all your hard work.[/FONT]
12:11am 05-01-2016
Good to see you back! I just came back to zt2 recently as well after being inspired to make Jurassic World from watching the movie.

The first download I was ever able to make myself - not that I made hardly any of it - was one of your signs that you created a tutorial for of how to change the image, etc. I am so appreciative of that tutorial because it helped me go on to reskin a tree, the Indo-Chinese peafowl, and I was starting to get to skin a bit and learn from well known group until I left zoo tycoon 2. I shouldn't have left I was probably about to learn so much...

I doubt I will be able to design amazing things as I have forgotten a lot of what little I had learned, but I really appreciate people like you who can make amazing things and have amazing breakthroughs in zt2 designing.

Thank you! Good luck in all you do!
4:44am 30-12-2015
First timer to the website here... This might be my number one recommended website for any ZT add ons.. Very nice work and easy to download. 10/10 my go to website!
9:08pm 28-12-2015
hi sophie! please continue with your great work! thank you!
5:02pm 28-12-2015
Can you please finish the vivarium project..?
11:46pm 25-12-2015
That was great work you made this game a real interesting and beautiful good job.

Best of Luck
9:39pm 21-12-2015
Hi Sophie!
I think your temperate forest remake it's looks like the best.
Please, finish it!
12:16pm 21-12-2015
Hi Sophie!

When you make the restaurant pack deluxe and restrooms ready?
They are super nice. For my zoo entrance I need the pack deluxe restaurant, otherwise it does not look realistic from when I make the entrance to the elevated path. with erhöthen paths can not make bows.

Please do soon on. Your projects are so cool!
2:59am 13-12-2015
I need terrariums and i need em now!! :3
3:32pm 09-12-2015
Lee North
Hi Sophie!

Your work is genius! Downloaded everything! Do you know where I can dowload climbing poles and logs ?
1:22am 06-12-2015
Traslate of Spanish to English please. Los felicito habeis llegado a ser una de mis paginas favorita, me encantas los BuildingSets y todo lo que haceis son increible, y muy bonita pagina.
3:07am 03-12-2015
heerlijk sophie,thanks for everything
3:22am 23-11-2015
I stopped playing ZT2 a few years ago (no time between work and going back to school). I've recently rediscovered it, and you're site was one of the first I visited to see if there was anything new. Love all your stuff, especially the scenery and enclosures. Sadly my game discs seem to have gone missing during my hiatus, I think a trip to is in my near future Excited to try out our new (to me) releases and can't wait to see some of your works still in progress
9:44am 18-11-2015
I just wanted to drop by and tell you that your work is the absolute best. I come here for my scenery and designs and I'm looking forward to seeing the entirety of Zoo Tycoon 2 revamped by both you and Aurora Designs. You guys are the best. Please keep up the work. I know I appreciate your work so much and everything you do.
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