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5:11pm 11-10-2015
Hi Sophie! are you still active?
Xoxo Eva
Replied on: 5:57pm 17-10-2015

A little bit

3:23am 03-10-2015
Also one more thing, can you make enrichment items like live food cows or goats and themed buildings like restaurants too please. Oh another thing can make rides like the monorail or the gyosphere. Sorry if this is too much
Replied on: 5:57pm 17-10-2015

Definitely too much

3:14am 03-10-2015
I absolutely love your work and can you make dinosaurs that were in the Jurassic park series like the T. rex, Induminus rex,velociraptor,and others please. Beacuse you have such a gift and your art is amazing,so I believe you can make beautiful and scary dinosaurs that just look like the ones in the series.
Replied on: 5:58pm 17-10-2015

I don't make animals. Other designers already made tons of awesome animals.

5:17pm 01-10-2015
Hi Sophie! Why your temperate forest reskin hasn't got download button? Can you correct this?
Replied on: 5:58pm 17-10-2015

Because I never finished it

11:21pm 30-09-2015
I like your new design of the website. Simple but great improvement.
Love to see you're back again
1:35am 24-09-2015
Will the restrooms be functional? I noticed the guests were walking in there and wasn't sure if they were doing that on purpose or not.
Replied on: 4:24pm 24-09-2015

Yeah they will. Though the doors do not open, so the guests walk through the door. Obviously, only one guest can use it at a time, so you'd want to build more than one. There's one for men and one for women by the way.

2:42am 23-09-2015
The queen is back =D
9:14am 21-09-2015
triple h
hi zeta team,are you guys still hiring?im really interesting to become a designer just like your team,and i really love your design.
Replied on: 4:25pm 24-09-2015

Hi. Zeta-Designs isn't even a team . It's just me, Sophie, and Zeta-Designs is my website & production name.

7:55pm 19-09-2015
Hi, just wanted to say that I love your designs and am so grateful for your elevated path curb hack! Absolute life saver, that one is.
4:14pm 18-09-2015
Welcome back! I can't wait for restaurant pack deluxe, and white brick building set
Replied on: 4:25pm 24-09-2015

Thanks. The restaurant pack is on the release list . Though I have to finish it first.

11:27pm 04-09-2015
Yesssss ur back! Can't wait for your new releases!
11:24pm 04-09-2015
Hi I was wondering if you are going to make realistic bathroom stalls download? I can't find any and since your one of the best I was wondering if you would?
Replied on: 9:22pm 12-09-2015

I already have, before I took a break xD. It's very high on my I-want-to-release-list:

10:31pm 04-09-2015
Jason (AnimalGenius)
ARE YOU GUYS BACK DESIGNING? I noticed you released the gift shop pack? I really want the Taronga Building Set and Vivariums pack!!!
2:54pm 04-09-2015
Soooo happy you are back!
4:27pm 02-09-2015
YES!!! you're back!!!!!
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