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10:56am 16-08-2019
When I was a kid I spend lot of time with your downloads/add-ons. Now I grow a little bit up and I don't have Zoo Tycoon 2 anymore... IS there still any website where I can buy this game? Legal please. When not, how I get it..? Please help me!
10:17pm 17-07-2019
Hey, just wanted to say that I love your work and have been using it since it came out! I was only six at the time and ten years later you're still active which is awesome!
6:50pm 10-06-2019
Hello! So, this may not be one of your mods, but I just want to check to make sure. Anywho, I downloaded practically ALL your mods, but I've noticed a problem where my collisions are broken when putting stuff down. One I go into zookeeper mode collisions work again, but it's still kinda frustrating that there's no limits to where things can go (weird reason to be upset, I know, but I just get frustrated with the oddest things). Do you know if any of your mods remove collisions?
Thank you!
11:36pm 04-06-2019
Hey Sophie. I added the downloads to my ZT2 folder and for some reason none of them are showing up in the game. I have the ultimate collection and everything. I just don't get why it's not working. This is the first time doing this too. Can you please help me?
Replied on: 7:16pm 06-06-2019

What folder did you put them in? Did you place the .z2f files in the ZT2 installation folder? That should always work.

If not: ask here:
It's easier to communicate over there

9:18pm 21-05-2019
Hi Sophie. Just came by to say that I am still enjoying all your wonderful creations . Thanks for all the effort you put into this game! You're amazing!

You download the mods to your downloads folder. If they have a z2f extension, you can simply copy them. Then you nagivate to "my computer" --> "C:" --> "Program Files (x86)" (or "Program Files)" --> "Microsoft Games" --> "Zoo Tycoon 2" and you simply paste the z2f file there. If you have the requisite expansions it should show up in game.
1:18am 21-05-2019
Jodi Hilliard
How do i download these mods to my game? ive never used these before so I am totally lost. Please someone help??
10:32am 19-05-2019
Hi Sophie!
Wow, had no idea you were still creating for zt2.. just wanted to thank you for all your high quality creations and inspiration.

Do you know how can I make the restaurant food vendors you've made work with Snowleo's combi patch? They seem to be broken by it, probably because it messes with the food buildings.. It would be great if I can make both work together.

8:57pm 11-05-2019
I increased the max number of guest but now regardless how many banches I place, there are always some unhappy people. Is there a hack/mod to increase the efficiency of guest to satisfy their need for rest?
9:55pm 07-05-2019
It's amazing that after all those years you still keep making these beautiful mods, thank you!
12:20am 04-05-2019
This website is baller it takes a true animal to keep up the zoo tycoon mods for this long
2:24pm 21-04-2019
Stine Greve Rasmusse
it is not possible to download Wallpapers III (Tiles) every time that I try I end up back on the same page where we will be able to press download
Replied on: 4:38pm 21-04-2019

Fixed it .

11:31am 20-04-2019
Hayley Mills
Just wanted to pop in and say your work is beautiful, and I think it's so cool that you're still releasing stuff in 2019! I'll definitely be downloading it!
Replied on: 4:38pm 21-04-2019


10:23pm 17-04-2019
Is it the ATM Machine useable to guest??..or just a deco
Replied on: 4:38pm 21-04-2019

Yes, it's guest useable.

10:20am 07-04-2019
hei... im a huge fan of your works... im am an animal lover and architecture student so im obsessed with your mods hhahaha.... im having this problem where everytime i make a ramp on/near a path or put a path underneath/near a ramp it suddenly make a ditch that cant be fix/flattened withoutpath deleting the ramp first... and if i make the ramp again the ditch comes back... can you please fix this... i think theres a problem with your hacks or the tarongga packs... but idk surely because ever since i install the no curbs elevated hack, and tarongga building set this bug happened... please fix this... your mods actually help me going through depression
Replied on: 9:00pm 13-04-2019

That's just one of the limitations of ZT2.. it always happens when you make a ramp of height 1. If you have Snowleo's combi patch, it should fix other random gaps.

11:27pm 03-03-2019
You do know all your files from this link.

Have been taken down that's. A shame because I was going to download everything. You had. For my daughter. We just got this game and she loves the dinosaurs thought I'd get her what I could get my hands on you've. Got some really good stuff Thank you for sharing
Replied on: 9:00pm 13-04-2019

They seem to work fine for me...

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