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10:48am 26-02-2018
Many thanks
Very nice mods!
8:32pm 24-02-2018
I really want to download everything but idk how to get it onto the game
1:55pm 12-02-2018
I cant open the files or find them when I use winrar to unfold them, after downloading them, am I doing something wrong or is it just bad luck for me? Would love to hear some tipps about how to fix this issue!
5:54am 08-01-2018
You guys were always one of my favorite modders, i just got the game again and am downlaoding all sorts of mods, thanks for the good mods and good times!
9:52pm 22-12-2017
Still soooooooooooooo happy with all the downloads! Been a loyal user for years!
1:11pm 16-12-2017
I am a very big fan of your creations and site.

But,There should be a download all section in each page so that we can get all the stuff on that page. Very necessary for the building set section thanks......
6:19am 12-12-2017
Hi. Thanks so much for all these wonderful mods. I have only now acquired ZT2. How do I install the mods? Don't want to put them in the wrong places and screw up the whole game
8:02am 10-12-2017
Sorry, but your elevated path-tank wall hack thingy doesn't work. It's in my Zoo Tycoon folder but there are still ugly white squares on tanks when I put elevated paths near them. Thanks
11:44am 12-11-2017
these are amazing, thank you so much! They helped me tremendously. Its great to see people out there that still like the game
9:13pm 05-11-2017
Obsidian (Laura)
Wow! I can't believe how recent some of these Guestbook entries are! I just wanted to put myself out here and say that your stuff is amazing! Keep up the good work!
11:03pm 11-10-2017
Muchas gracias
6:39am 18-09-2017
I visit your page a lot to check on your mod updates etc. Enjoy your downloads, thank you.
10:46am 16-09-2017
Would you bring us some plastic curtains? For tropical houses or aquariums?
7:44am 16-09-2017
Hi, my wife loves this game. I just discovered your wonderful mods and will surprise her with them.
12:42pm 06-09-2017
Sorry for my englosh I'm french
I have a problem with your download. For exemple with the stairs pack, I can't play because there are many black square on the map (when I Start a game) and I can't save. CAN you help me please

Havé à good day
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