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12:40pm 06-09-2017
Sorry for my english I'm french
12:39pm 06-09-2017
Sorry for my englosh I'm french
4:28am 31-08-2017
Hey, I love your downloads! However I have one issue. Your Dinosaur Skeletons, when I download and place them, all 3 are Pteradactyl skeletons. No T-rex or Mammoth or what was intended. Is this intentional?
2:45pm 25-08-2017
Just wanted to say that what you're doing is great
10:10am 15-08-2017
Just came back to this page after atleast a couple of years of leaving the game and designing and I'm glad to see you're still at it(albeit a few breaks in between xD)! Whether you are designing or just enjoying the game as is, keep up the great work! Easily one of the most influential designers from back in the day!
7:17am 08-08-2017
I've been playing Zoo Tycoon 2 and loving your awesome designs since 2009! I'm so happy your still active and creating great things!! I love it!!
6:19pm 07-08-2017
Just wanted to say: You are doing an awesome job and should be very proud of yourself
4:59pm 04-08-2017
If you know how to solve then you can mail me! Btw.
4:58pm 04-08-2017
I got some trouble, I downloaded the Path pack but when I place them, only the borders are visible.
10:10am 02-08-2017
Can y'all add more animals
4:58am 31-07-2017
Cross (TRT)
Hello. I have no idea how to contact you on TRT, but I wanted to ask you about the IKEA Billy Bookcases. I understand that the object itself is not public domain, but I wanted to know If I could borrow the book models from the book case itself if it has them, and f I could use them for Z-Studio's project, Paranoia : Reborn.

If the books are merged with the bookcase, I can go and modify the model just to have the books and the skin exclusive to them. That is all I ask. I can build a new book case, but I'd actually want the books seperate, you see.

You can contact me in the email above, but please ask any questions if you have any. Thank You!

7:29pm 22-07-2017
I love it love love it!!!
4:30pm 11-07-2017
Gavin Yoon
9:47am 28-06-2017
Roos Skywalker
De link naar Large Glass aviary is broken.

Bedankt voor alle jaren van hard werk en het mooier maken van één van Microsofts beste games. Je bent de beste Zoo Tycoon modder die ik ooit heb gezien.
8:05pm 17-06-2017
Hi Sophie!

Just felt like jotting down an idea here. I absolutely love your building sets, and I think the models would be perfect for a Scandinavian themed set, including white wooden walls and dark red wooden walls, both with matching roofs and eaves for example. Maybe something you've already thought about, maybe some you wouldn't consider at all, I don't know! But I hope you don't mind me sharing this idea :-) Thanks a lot for all the hard work you put into making ZT2 even better and more beautiful!
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