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10:10am 02-08-2017
Can y'all add more animals
4:58am 31-07-2017
Cross (TRT)
Hello. I have no idea how to contact you on TRT, but I wanted to ask you about the IKEA Billy Bookcases. I understand that the object itself is not public domain, but I wanted to know If I could borrow the book models from the book case itself if it has them, and f I could use them for Z-Studio's project, Paranoia : Reborn.

If the books are merged with the bookcase, I can go and modify the model just to have the books and the skin exclusive to them. That is all I ask. I can build a new book case, but I'd actually want the books seperate, you see.

You can contact me in the email above, but please ask any questions if you have any. Thank You!

7:29pm 22-07-2017
I love it love love it!!!
4:30pm 11-07-2017
Gavin Yoon
9:47am 28-06-2017
Roos Skywalker
De link naar Large Glass aviary is broken.

Bedankt voor alle jaren van hard werk en het mooier maken van één van Microsofts beste games. Je bent de beste Zoo Tycoon modder die ik ooit heb gezien.
8:05pm 17-06-2017
Hi Sophie!

Just felt like jotting down an idea here. I absolutely love your building sets, and I think the models would be perfect for a Scandinavian themed set, including white wooden walls and dark red wooden walls, both with matching roofs and eaves for example. Maybe something you've already thought about, maybe some you wouldn't consider at all, I don't know! But I hope you don't mind me sharing this idea :-) Thanks a lot for all the hard work you put into making ZT2 even better and more beautiful!
5:18pm 10-06-2017

You're the best! Nearly the whole family is still playing the game, and we all like these beautiful things you create!
We can't wait to see your other JP/JW themed things, we already have what you released.

THANK YOU very much for all your work
12:52pm 10-06-2017
Such an old but beautyful game and you're still making it better. Thank you for adding such great things to my favourite (and first) game <3 I love your work!
2:30am 09-06-2017
Thank you for all your hard work and love that went into your creations!
9:13pm 08-06-2017
Love your website! It would be awesome if you could add some more horse equipment items, or even some more coat variants for the mustang. I saw in one picture of the white dressage markers, that horse had a different coat color then what I have seen for variants.
10:32pm 07-06-2017
thank you so much for all your beautiful creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:04am 07-06-2017
Michaila N
Thanks so much for the new dinosaur signs, Sophie! I just watched Jurassic World again and am feeling really motivated to build an extinct zoo, so those'll really help!
7:30pm 05-06-2017
Loving all of this awesome stuff!! Thank you for all the hard work!
5:45pm 01-06-2017
Lachlan Barling
It appear that Oblivion Ferns only leads to a Picture and Not a Download link.
Replied on: 10:05am 06-06-2017

Thanks; fixed it.

7:57pm 23-05-2017
Misschien herken je deze naam nog van vroeger.
Ik leef nog, ik speel soms nog ZT2, en ik gebruik nog steeds je downloads. Goed om te zien dat je er nog steeds aan werkt!

Replied on: 11:15am 30-05-2017

Hey wat grappig! Jij had toch altijd een Capybara als avatar op

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