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8:41pm 01-05-2017
You're the best, Sophie! Love all of your projects. And it makes me so happy to see even after over 10 years of Zoo Tycoon people are still kicking it

Keep up the amazing work!
7:09pm 01-05-2017
everything you make is wonderful and has inspired me for years i have made houses, aviary and so many fun things and i just want to say thank you SO much!
9:47pm 23-04-2017
Hey, my friend, greetings from Venezuela, I was wondering if you could make objects of nature reserves
7:09am 23-04-2017
Alissa :)
Hey! Your work is amazing! Just wanted to know what variant you have for your mustangs and if there is a way I could download it from somewhere? In the downloads/horse area of your site you have a download for white dressage markers. In the photo is a very nice looking horse that I haven't seen in the variants that I have. Is there a way for me to find/download that variant or set of variants?
12:27am 31-03-2017
WOOOW!!!! THANKS for all your amazing stuff! <3
11:02am 24-03-2017
I just found that site and.. Your job is amazing! Do more animals
8:25am 13-03-2017
Please please please please can you create a gate that elephants can go through. There are so many for smaller animals and giraffe's but I cannot find a decent one that actually works for elephants!
p.s. I am super happy you are back. You've been missed!
12:07pm 11-03-2017
I cannot believe you're still creating! I'm so excited!
Please keep up the good work, your creations are my favourite for the game!
5:46pm 07-03-2017
Hello! I'm so happy that you're finally back! I really enjoy your downloads and playing Zoo Tycoon 2 is way more fun with your additions. Especially the horse equipment. Are you going to design some more horse themed stuff? I hope so
1:59am 06-03-2017
Hi, your downloads look awesome! I have downloaded a handful of the building, path, and other various packs and have put them in my Zoo Tycoon 2 folder, but they don't show up in the game...I have downloaded other mods, and they work fine. I am wondering what it is I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
Replied on: 10:09am 07-03-2017

That's really strange... are you sure they are .z2f files?
Btw: you better ask here:

1:07pm 05-03-2017
Hey, I'm french (so forgive my mistakes) and I have a few questions :
- do objects in "Gift shop Pack" can replace originals Gifts shops for visitors (because originals look awfull I don't want to place them in my zoo) ?
- do you have any projects of making something that could replace restaurants ? (who looks awfull too) ?
- do toilets you made replace original toilets ?

Thanks for your answers
Replied on: 10:10am 07-03-2017

to all of your questions I must answer 'No'. The gift shop pack is just decorational. The toilets do not replace the originals, but they do work as toilets.

2:19am 26-02-2017
I noticed that in one of your zoos that you can change the zoo wall to any fence, what hack did you use?
Replied on: 9:18am 26-02-2017

It doesn't work like that. It's a hack that makes the zoo wall invisible. And then I"ll place a new fence next to it, which appears to be the zoo wall.

5:20pm 24-02-2017
when is the new obsessional ocean going to be out
Replied on: 7:59pm 24-02-2017

It won't. It's like 8 years old and I will not release part 4.

1:19am 24-02-2017
Hey Sophie, thanks for the new downloads! You are amazing!
Replied on: 8:00pm 24-02-2017


9:32pm 22-02-2017
Hey do guests use the stairs pack that you have created
as I place them on elevated path and guests don't seem to use them
Replied on: 8:00pm 24-02-2017

They should be able to walk over them.

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