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9:32pm 22-02-2017
Hey do guests use the stairs pack that you have created
as I place them on elevated path and guests don't seem to use them
Replied on: 8:00pm 24-02-2017

They should be able to walk over them.

7:50pm 19-02-2017
I love your work soooo much! Thank you for all your work!!
Very very nice... thank you very much!

With best greetings from Germany
Replied on: 8:00pm 24-02-2017


1:07pm 16-02-2017
Just me
Love your downloads thank you so much! Too bad that obsessional ocean links don't work.
Replied on: 8:01pm 24-02-2017

Sorry for that. I fixed them now.

7:58pm 13-02-2017
I was wondering about the plants zoom hack. I doesn't seem to be working for me, do you have any idea why? I've no other downloads installed so I'm pretty sure no other mod is conflicting with it.
Anyway, love your works <3
Replied on: 11:50am 14-02-2017

I'm sorry, I don't know why it doesn't work.

6:27pm 11-02-2017
Hi! I downloaded your Path Pack, but when I try to place them they don't appear. I mean, when I do it I can hear the sound of something being placed, but instead of the path selected I can see the ground underneath, like they were invisible. What am I doing wrong?

Your designs are amazing! Keep up!
Replied on: 11:51am 14-02-2017

That's really strange. Unfortunately, I have no idea why that happens. Try asking at

6:23pm 11-02-2017
Awesome downloads!
Replied on: 11:51am 14-02-2017

Glad you like them!

3:35am 07-02-2017
Hey! I've been following this site for a long time and I've always loved your downloads. One of my favorites is the Obsessional oceans pack but it seems that the download doesn't work anymore. Can you fix it? That would be awesome
Replied on: 3:40pm 10-02-2017

I'll look into it. The reason I removed them from the site because the packs are extremely outdated. I can't believe people actually use them still XD.

8:22pm 06-02-2017
Liam Sinclair
Hi what was the trees and bushes you used in your main entrance video on YouTube using the new taronga building set.
Replied on: 3:40pm 10-02-2017

I don't know. Probably personal use trees.

3:25am 05-02-2017
Please please keep designing! The game would be boring without your creations!
Replied on: 3:41pm 10-02-2017

Thanks! I will (for now at least ).

4:02pm 04-02-2017
Thank you for your brilliant downloads. Looking forward to the food counters and the Modern Kitchen when you complete them. .
Replied on: 3:41pm 10-02-2017

Thanks for your message.

5:58pm 31-01-2017
Joe Jones
I just discovered your site and I love what I see. I was just wondering though, when you make the gift shop sets, do the people actually go in there and purchase your merchandise or is it all simply for show and do the guests actually interact with the sets?
Replied on: 7:05pm 01-02-2017

This version is just for show.

5:55pm 31-01-2017
is it possible to create realistic food stands that the guests would use in game?
Replied on: 7:05pm 01-02-2017


5:04pm 29-01-2017
I've always loved your downloads, one question though. Are the tables and chairs from the restaurant pack usable by guests? If not, could you please make them usable? I don't see any point in making chairs your guests can't use. Thx and have a nice day
Replied on: 7:02pm 29-01-2017

First of all, most people do not have guests in their park, because they're ugly and annoying , but to create realistic parks you'd need tables and chairs etc.

But, they are already useable for guests .

5:23am 29-01-2017
Hello I have problems when I want to use the content that I downloaded , when I try to use it, the game stop working and close from the nowhere , can you tell me why this happens ? :c
Replied on: 7:02pm 29-01-2017

Ask here:

8:14pm 28-01-2017
I love your downloads! I was wondering if you could do a YT video on how to make counters with the medical or gift shop packs? Thanks.
Replied on: 7:03pm 29-01-2017

Uhh I don't see why . The counters are one object so what's there to teach in placing them?

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