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11:24am 07-12-2014
Hey thank you so so much for making all of these add ons. This just made Zoo Tycoon a million times cooler for me, I got the firt version of the game before I could read, and I am still playing it. Your work is greatly appreciated. I discovered your site through typing "cool zoo tycoon exhibits" on Google Images, I saw the aviary and was confused, I then watched a You Tube video that it was linked to the picture and then went to the link below that. Its so awesome of you, I wish I had the skills to do this kind of stuff. I have plenty of ideas to share now that I know that some one has the power to do this type of thing, so if we could get in touch that would be awesome. Once again thank you very very much!
1:50am 04-12-2014
Hello, I am a brazillian fan of yours since 2009! I always wanted to say how much I admire your work, it's amazing! Thank you for sharing a bit of your talent with us, if you have any other recent projects related to anything please show us! Regards, Camila
8:10am 03-12-2014
I've loved your creations for years now and would love for more! I'd gladly pay <3 I'm sure many others would as well!
4:33am 01-12-2014
I can't wait for the vivariums and restaurant, if they'll ever get finished.
8:51am 26-11-2014
Hi I would love to see some more animals especially a liger and I was wondering when you were going to release the Taronga Building Set

3:09am 15-11-2014
I agree!
4:44pm 09-11-2014
Hi! This is amazing. I think your work is fantastic and so detailed. You've made my gaming experience so much better!

Thank you!
PS. Ignore any haters! They're wrong.
4:13pm 03-11-2014
When are you gonna realse more things????
5:20pm 27-10-2014
I've tried downloading several packs but there are no .z2f files in any of them??? I really want some new stuff in my game but i cant seem to figure out what to do when i cant find the right file type! Would anyone be able to help me?
11:58am 20-10-2014
Wow! Never knew all this stuff existed! Please come back!!! Amazing work
12:24pm 12-10-2014
I hope you guys come back someday. All your stuff is absolutely amazing and my zoos feel empty without it
5:18am 11-10-2014
johny knoxville
[I]this is an awful website I hate it[/I]
8:54pm 04-10-2014
Oh my gods!-(notice use of s on gods. Greek mythology freak!)- I love all of this stuff! Thanks Sophie! I have hundreds of downloads but this site is by far my favourite! It keeps me busy looking at all the downloads and videos from Zeta Designs so thank you for making something for me to do when I'm bored out of my saneness. From your major fan -Sammi
PS can't wait for you to get back to designing!
4:03pm 03-10-2014
thanks zeta-designs ,you guys did a very great job!!!
hope to see more masterpiece from zeta!!!
4:13am 21-09-2014
[FONT=comic sans ms]Thank you for all the wonderful packs and special things for ZT2 I love figuring out new ways to use them! I hope you can return soon and finish the rest of your amazing projects <3[/FONT]
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