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11:49pm 22-02-2015
Hello, I tried to download some things onto zoo tycoon 2 from this website. I seem to have gotten a bit confused. Mostly when i get to the WinRAR program. It says to save but there is no save button and then that i am to save it to Crogram FilesMicrosoft GamesZoo Tycoon 2. I dont really know what that means or how to do it. Maybe someone else could help me? I have tried many times and still cant get it. Also when it is complete and it is downloaded properly do you just leave the whole game and restart it or do you have to restart the whole computer. Thank you to anyone who can help.
2:01pm 29-01-2015
hey sophie... i really really love your designs.. but now why do you stop designing? i'm sure there are a lot of people waiting for your new stuff. i would be really happy if youre going back and start again youre unfinished project... so i just want to tell you please please start designing again
5:08pm 27-01-2015
what program do u use to make all contenst?
11:27pm 13-01-2015
Can't wait to see the finished restaurant pack!
4:25pm 10-01-2015
Nothing about the Restaurant Pack?

8:04pm 09-01-2015

de downloads die je maakt zijn echt super, zou het niet tof zijn om een zoo tycoon 3 te maken/ontwerpen met nog meer features? misschien in samenwerking met wat grote game ontwikkelaars

ga vooral door met de downloads!
7:54am 30-12-2014
Hey! I was wondering if it was possible to make a hack/utility that removes the grid from all items in the game, but specifically buildings? I would love for it to be for all items but if its not possible that is fine. I love your mods btw! You have breathed new life into my experience of zt2 and I thank you!
6:16pm 28-12-2014
Hey i downloaded your Non grid hack - Foliage and rocks and i cant put rocks or plants in the tanks anymore. How can i fix that to still keep the hack and be able to put rocks and plants in the tanks.

With kind regards Sebastian
4:59pm 23-12-2014
Really cool downloads, complimenten daarvoor!
6:32am 18-12-2014
Hello, we know your busy with your life,but we still hope you come back one day
4:51pm 07-12-2014
Hope you make some more. Thank you for everything.
11:24am 07-12-2014
Hey thank you so so much for making all of these add ons. This just made Zoo Tycoon a million times cooler for me, I got the firt version of the game before I could read, and I am still playing it. Your work is greatly appreciated. I discovered your site through typing "cool zoo tycoon exhibits" on Google Images, I saw the aviary and was confused, I then watched a You Tube video that it was linked to the picture and then went to the link below that. Its so awesome of you, I wish I had the skills to do this kind of stuff. I have plenty of ideas to share now that I know that some one has the power to do this type of thing, so if we could get in touch that would be awesome. Once again thank you very very much!
1:50am 04-12-2014
Hello, I am a brazillian fan of yours since 2009! I always wanted to say how much I admire your work, it's amazing! Thank you for sharing a bit of your talent with us, if you have any other recent projects related to anything please show us! Regards, Camila
8:10am 03-12-2014
I've loved your creations for years now and would love for more! I'd gladly pay <3 I'm sure many others would as well!
4:33am 01-12-2014
I can't wait for the vivariums and restaurant, if they'll ever get finished.
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