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9:50pm 23-05-2015
love it !! thank you guys so much hope yu guys return
8:46pm 02-05-2015
So sad to see you guys are gone and are probably never coming back... I wish more people still played Zoo Tycoon
5:37am 30-04-2015
none of the download links to the building sets are working for me
7:49pm 23-04-2015
tripleh again
thanks to zeta designs, your team are with us forever
10:38pm 17-04-2015
...was the site updated?
10:37pm 06-04-2015
Hi Sophie!

Missing you! I hope everything's going okay
1:35am 04-04-2015
All of your buildings and animals are lovely. Thank you!
1:42pm 03-04-2015
WOW! these are amazing! Please finish the 'unfinished designs' they look so good and it's so sad that they aren't finished.
4:36am 30-03-2015

Your designs are amazing, they've enhanced my gameplay so much! There's only one thing though, I know you're busy and have perhaps moved on, but is there any way to make the game's guests able to see through the glass panels in your building packs ? This would make designing zoos with your building pieces so much more enjoyable! And thank you once again, your designs are amazing XD
11:49pm 22-02-2015
Hello, I tried to download some things onto zoo tycoon 2 from this website. I seem to have gotten a bit confused. Mostly when i get to the WinRAR program. It says to save but there is no save button and then that i am to save it to Crogram FilesMicrosoft GamesZoo Tycoon 2. I dont really know what that means or how to do it. Maybe someone else could help me? I have tried many times and still cant get it. Also when it is complete and it is downloaded properly do you just leave the whole game and restart it or do you have to restart the whole computer. Thank you to anyone who can help.
2:01pm 29-01-2015
hey sophie... i really really love your designs.. but now why do you stop designing? i'm sure there are a lot of people waiting for your new stuff. i would be really happy if youre going back and start again youre unfinished project... so i just want to tell you please please start designing again
5:08pm 27-01-2015
what program do u use to make all contenst?
11:27pm 13-01-2015
Can't wait to see the finished restaurant pack!
4:25pm 10-01-2015
Nothing about the Restaurant Pack?

8:04pm 09-01-2015

de downloads die je maakt zijn echt super, zou het niet tof zijn om een zoo tycoon 3 te maken/ontwerpen met nog meer features? misschien in samenwerking met wat grote game ontwikkelaars

ga vooral door met de downloads!
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