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4:09am 12-08-2018
I am still getting the same message.
4:41am 10-08-2018
Sophie the link to the large chainlink aviary gives this error message:

File Download Blocked

The file you attempted to download has been claimed by Google to be in violation of their terms of service and cannot be downloaded.

Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.
Replied on: 8:53am 10-08-2018

Thanks for contacting me. I fixed it.

8:53am 08-08-2018

Okay but i just wanted to say i love and appreciate all of your hard work ;w; like it was literally this site that introduced me to the world of Zoo Tycoon 2 modding all those years ago and it's really amazing that you're still around.

Ps. I play pokemon go too
Replied on: 8:54am 10-08-2018

Haha yes I am. I actually never thought I would be coming back to ZT2, but I did.

8:14pm 26-07-2018
Just wanted to say that this 70yr old is glad you're creating more items. Just love your designs, always inspiring.
4:13am 20-07-2018
nvm finally worked
4:12am 20-07-2018
I think your harbor themed objects link is broken. Won't go to the download.
5:55pm 15-07-2018
Zed Connor
I've been playing this game for like 8 to 10 years since when i was a child. But i never knew you could mod this game into such amazing extents. Clearly you've earned yourself the most dedicated zoo tycoon player i have ever seen outthere!
Keep it up!
I was shocked and amazed by your beautiful works!
This is truly brilliant!

Cheers from someone who just become your fan!
8:05pm 14-07-2018
Thank you for all your hard work!
12:04pm 24-06-2018
I really like all your creations, like I'm using so many of yours. Thanks to many of your hacks, my zoo is so much more easier to build ! And really like your Jurassic World signs as I'm on a Prehistoric zoo, they're very useful !
7:02am 15-05-2018
It's really great to see you're still working on things! Getting back into ZT2 and really excited to play with some of your new content.
2:07pm 31-03-2018
So I recently got back into Zoo Tycoon & Zoo Tycoon 2 and your mods are amazing
3:11am 16-03-2018
Anyone know how to get these mods on my amazon downloaded version of this game?
10:01pm 26-02-2018
I've used these mods for years and I'm so happy to see they are still being updated every now and again! Thanks for all the great mods over all the years
10:48am 26-02-2018
Many thanks
Very nice mods!
8:32pm 24-02-2018
I really want to download everything but idk how to get it onto the game
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