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10:18pm 26-04-2016
Sophie, I just wanted to say that I love your work and I'm a big fan, I'm eagerly waiting for your next mod and I want to tell you to never stop making mods they are AMAZING, I love them and will always use them! I'm currently trying to create mods myself, so far I can make a sign! I used your tutorial on the Gaia zetaboard .
5:55pm 25-04-2016
Hey Sophie! ^^
I wanted to say don't be down on your older designs. I loved your work since I was younger, and I would love to download your designs again, but I'm also excited to see what's new and what you will be releasing soon to the site. Keep up the great work!
Replied on: 4:26pm 15-05-2016


4:55pm 24-04-2016
Zoo Tycoon 2 Fan
Hi. I like all of your work and would like to request something...maybe a Scenery Pack part 4??? thx
Replied on: 8:46am 25-04-2016

Scenery packs are downloads I made like 8 years ago. The building sets are the new versions of them but I got plenty of ideas and projects in progress, so I don't do requests.

1:59pm 23-04-2016
Hi! I thought you were gone I was visiting your site since 2010 and I noticed that some downloads are gone like the big aviaries, do you have plans to bring it back. Cool new site though
Replied on: 8:47am 25-04-2016

No I don't. They're old and ugly and nobody uses them anymore. I rather place the downloads I do like on the website.

12:22pm 23-04-2016
Magnifique! Pratique! J'adore, merci pour ce que vous faites. :-)
Replied on: 8:47am 25-04-2016


8:26pm 22-04-2016
I love the new website and I love your designs! I don't see Obsessional Ocean on your new site though. Are you planning on remaking it or something?
Replied on: 9:47am 23-04-2016

Thanks! I removed Obsessional Ocean because it's very old and ugly. There are so many more beautiful aquatic animals to download nowadays.

1:42am 20-04-2016
Wow! I totally wasn't expecting to see you back creating things Sophie! It was a lovely surprise stopping by and seeing new things! Best wishes
Replied on: 9:48am 23-04-2016


2:54pm 19-04-2016
I just wanted to say, you have made such an impact in the zoo tycoon 2 community and literally all of your downloads are much appreciated so thankyou so much!
Replied on: 9:48am 23-04-2016

Thank you for your message

6:53pm 18-04-2016
I am not English but I love your website. Continue like this !!!
Replied on: 9:48am 23-04-2016

Thank you, I will!

12:26pm 16-04-2016
I love your work and I can't wait for white brick building set . Do you know when it 'll be released?
And... one more thing - Can you try to make smothing like sandstone building set?
I wanna make desert zoo xD
10:02pm 27-03-2016
I love all of your building sets, I use them all the time and I've noticed that the placable doorway walls don't show up in game when placed. Have you posted a new version of the download with this issue fixed or is there somethin that I can do to fix it for myself?
Replied on: 8:18pm 15-04-2016

You have to place them on an elevated path . They're not meant to place on the ground.

4:12am 27-03-2016
Jackson Knarr
Is there a way that I can download some of your your zoos?
Replied on: 8:19pm 15-04-2016

I don't think so. I use a lot of unavailable downloads, which means a lot of content would be missing if I uploaded one of my zoos.

12:51pm 25-03-2016
Petra Matkovic
Hello! I love this site and its full with cool stuff.... BUT how i can Download PROJECT AQUA cuz there is no download link or i cant find it!?
Replied on: 8:19pm 15-04-2016

It's a very old and canceled project. You better get Aurora-Designs's remakes.

6:04am 23-03-2016
Kenai Wolf
Wow, you have some amazing stuff here, I can't wait to try it out. I just wish more of the pictures still worked.
Replied on: 8:19pm 15-04-2016

I'm working on that! I've been away for months .

3:33pm 22-03-2016
Hi! I love your designs but I can't download the jurassic park pack anymore?
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