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1:38am 16-09-2016
Hi, do you guys still have the placeable doors? I can't find doors ANYWHERE!!!

Also, do you know where to get any of Hendrix's stuff? It seems to have all disappeared!

10:59pm 06-09-2016
i am the break of the universe
5:37pm 19-08-2016
I have been getting a lot of request of making a file with all my downloads inside it. So what I'm asking is, would I get your permission to have the Zeta designs files inside my pack. I will of coarse give you credit for your amazing work
8:05pm 17-08-2016
For some reason, my humpback whales get the killer whale skin when they are sick. Is it a bug, or was it supposed to be like this?
8:10am 01-08-2016
Hey! Your work is amazing! Just wanted to know what variant you have for your mustangs and if there is a way I could download it from somewhere? In the downloads/horse area of your site you have a download for white dressage markers. In the photo is a very nice looking horse that I haven't seen in the variants that I have. Is there a way for me to find/download that variant or set of variants?
8:09pm 26-07-2016
Ritadj Nakib
1:42am 24-07-2016
if it helps in any way you can find an old cache of the site with the "Wayback Machine". Helped me find some files that aren't there anymore.
3:39am 18-07-2016
I'm so sorry that your old site is gone! I hope you can fix it!! Whenever I play ZT2 and use your alpine biome it makes me very happy because it's very pretty! I am also curious, why do you have to put glass elevated paths down twice for it to show up? Thanks for making all of these downloads!!!
2:00pm 10-07-2016
Hi sophie! I'm very impressed because your zoo.
So I'm so sad that your site is gone... I want to see your zoo photography.
Could you show me your zoo? I really want to see them again.
Thanks a lot ! Have a good day
9:18pm 27-06-2016
As long until the building set taronga and restaurant are ready I wait for years now ????? please please nooooww him out.
Answer me as soon as possible either by mail or here.
My twitter is @pj_garcia_YT or @kpateamoficial please write me out there.
10:16am 25-06-2016
Great and realistic objects! Love these! Thank you!
8:08pm 24-06-2016
You are one of the best in this their BuildingSets are amazing that and everything you currently do not play ZooTycoon2 I 'm suffering for it and I admire very much keep working on inactive projects is that going to be amazing .
PS: In the package "Beige building set" there are objects that do not appear as barrels and ceilings sticks , I would like it to work perfect, please review it .
PD2 : And also in some other BuildingSet not leave some objects , I could not tell you exactly which but a few.
PD3 : Please do a couple of tutorials on their youtube channel and build correctly with objects that have created because there are things that are difficult to make and would like to capitalize 100% of what you offer , PLEASE TUTORIALS HOW TO MAKE USE OF THINGS .
8:17pm 17-06-2016
so happy you're back! Love your downloads, you are the best creator!
9:06pm 02-06-2016
Beautiful downloads as always!
12:03pm 02-06-2016
Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your creations!
Unfortuneatly I have a problem that I hope you maybe can help me with.
I have downloaded a lot of your things which work perfectly in my game. But for some reason, all of the tank walls I have downloaded from your site, will only work/show up in sandbox-mode. I have tried removing all other downloads and only keep one tank wall download, but it still only works in sandbox-mode. In challenge mode I have 3 stars in my zoo, so that's not the problem (i think?)
I have had your tank walls before, but I had to re-install zoo tycoon, and lost most of my downloads, so I downloaded them from your website a couple of days ago.
I hope you might know what I can do? :-)
Replied on: 5:38pm 02-06-2016

Open the .z2f file and search the .XML of the tank wall and open it.

Change f_FameReq="0" into f_FameReq="10"

and remove s_GameLock="marinetanklock" from that line.

I hope this works .
If you don't understand, please visit and ask there .

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